“Bengal sets example of Hindu-Muslim communal harmony” : Religious Leaders of Bengal


Religious leaders of Bengal said that everybody needs to keep faith on Supreme Court regarding the Babri Masjid case.  They urged  people in Bengal  to remain cautious and ensure that there is  peace and no incident of communal tension anywhere in the state.

Golam Rabbani, National President of All India Ulema Board, said “We Indian must follow our constitution and judgment of Honb’le Supreme Court.The Babri Masjid issue flares up during elections every time, indicating that it is simply being used for politics. I request people of the nation to leave it for the Supreme Court to decide.”

Dr Arunjyoti Bhikkhu, gave the the example of the communal harmony in Bengal. He said “Hindus and Muslims have always peacefully coexisted here.There is no conflict between the two communities here. We respect each other’s prayer practices”

M A Ali said  added, ” Bengal is a perfect example of religious harmony and secularism, thanks to our honourable Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee . What makes communal harmony special in Bengal  is the participation in interfaith events and rituals — Muslims stitching clothes for Hindu deities, participating in Ramleela  or doing namaz (prayers) in Hindu religious places; and Hindus similarly contributing to mosque renovation or helping Muslim fellow in times of need.”