Bahiniya to depict the beautiful bond between a brother and sister

Seema Bhatkariya and Badal R Singh

Bhojpuri cinema is coming of age with bigger budgets and national distribution across state boundaries.

The biggest consumer of Bhojpuri films are Bihar, Uttar Pradesh as well as Mumbai, which has sizeable migrant population from the Hindi belt. Bhojpuri films also get good audiences in West Bengal, Punjab and Gujarat, which are also home to migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Recently, Bahiniya is a Bhojpuri movie starring Seema Bhatkariya and Sudip Pandey in prominent roles was screened in Kolkata. The cast also includes Badal R. Singh and Atul Mathur. It is a romance drama directed by Badal R. Singh, actor & director. ‘Through my movie  i want to highlight the positive side of the Bhojpuri genre. Bhojpuri movies are not all about vulgarity,’  Badal R. Singh said.  He added “The Bhojpuri film industry has become very vibrant. If you make good films with good music, people will surely like. People are relying on the Bhojpuri film industry because it has a huge market value.”