Bad Trip standing apart with its soulful lyrics

Bad Trip the first lyrical rock band from Bengal has released their new song “Ami Jani Tumi Thik” today on the special day of Poila Baisakh. Their songs mainly converse about love and its various shades as they believe that without love no insurrection can be successful.

The soulful evening of “Ami Jani Tumi Thik” was attended by eminent artists and personalities from the music fraternity, Lagnajita Chakraborty, Timir Biswas from the band Fakira and many others. With the music release the event was followed by a special acoustic performance by the Band itself.

The song “Ami Jani Tumi Thik” is written and composed by Pranjal Das and arranged and performed by the band, Bad Trip. Pranjal Das is the lead vocalist of the Band and also a successful song writer in the Bengali Film industry. He is all set to make his debut as a music director in the upcoming Ritwik Chakraborty starrer Buro Sadhu. Last year he has also bagged the Mirchi Music Awards for his contributions.