Automation to take centre-stage at this year’s Business-IT Conclave, organised by The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry



The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised the eighth edition of its annual Business-IT Conclave, this year themed on “Bridging Automation And Society”.

The programme focused on ‘inclusive automation’ and showcased the current cutting-edge trends in automation – the opportunities to shape society and business, the cascading impact on economy, and the possible preparedness for the challenges ahead.

“Digital technologies have permeated everyday life. As India has seen rapid economic growth, it has also seen a lot of technology innovation. Digital technologies are now at the forefront of almost every aspect. Over the years in our Business-IT Conclave, we have focused on topics like mobility, analytics, cyber and several others. There will be different case studies and discussions around Industry 4.0, IoT, machine learning and analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics process automation, and several other topics to be presented by key experts in the industry,” said Mr. Arnab Basu, Chairperson, IT Committee, The Bengal Chamber.

In light of the disruptions taking place in the IT industry, it has become imperative for employees to upskill themselves. There has been a shift in demand from plain software maintenance and related services to SMAC – social media, mobile technology, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

Lower skill jobs can now easily be automated, so those working in this industry must focus on making themselves equipped to meet the new demands.

Other speakers to be present include: Mr. Ajai Chowdhry, Founder of HCL; Dr. Krishna Gupta, IAS, Principal Secretary, IT and Electronics, Govt. of West Bengal, Mr. Jonathan T Ward, Principal Commercial Officer, US Consulate Kolkata, also gave special remarks on cross-border investment with a focus on USA.

Areas focused on at the Conclave include: artificial intelligence and the future, automation – innovation vis-a-vis disruption, innovations and trends around disruptions, and turning the challenges of innovation into opportunities.