An eclectic blend of Art-Culture and Musical evening to promote an unique indigenous Pasminas and Shawl industry in Kashmir



In the season of love and romance“SYNTHESIS” An eclectic blend of Art-Culture and Musical evening to promote an unique indigenous Pasminas and Shawl industry in Kashmir, which has been declining due to various reasons at ICCR, Kolkata. In the gracious presence o f Rita Bhimani and Kishore Bhimani, Alokananda Roy , Jonathan Ward,  Cory Wilcox, Jennifer Hamstra, Andrewe and Uyen posner, Samanta Jordon From the US Consulate , Mr. MIkhail from the Russian consulate and Director of Gorky Sadan  , The British High Commission , Representatives for the French Consulate , Consul of Thailand , Norway, Germany,  past presidents and members of committee of different Chamber of Commers , leading Businessmen like Sanjay Agarwal of Century Ply, Sanjay Budia of Patton some important bureaucrats have consented to be at the event .

Synthesis is organized and conceptualized by Fashion Designer and Pianist Ms. Rajlakshmi to relish the rich and inundated unity in diversity of our culturally opulent country. Ethnic attire with a blend of Pasminas and Kashmiri shawls from the beautiful land of Kashmir has been showcased. The motive was to promote our unique indigenous Shawl industry In Kashmir, which has been affected by time to time problem and unrest there, and to rejuvenate them with our fashion trends. Rajlakshmi has fused the Kashmiri attire with various handloom and hand-weaves from different Indian states. She has extensively been engaged in supporting and assisting embroidery workers hand weavers zarposi. Her dresses have a story to tell, the colors have a drama and designs a uniqueness to celebrate. Today she got an exclusive trunk show and she showcased her new range of collections “ SYNTHESIS “ inspired by the upcoming festive seasons, when all women aspire to look traditional yet modern in everything she wears.  We also had an art work and paintings by very talented and a young student Arundhati, daughter of Rajlakshmi Syam who has taken a great pleasure to do the paintings according to the theme.

In this exhibition exclusive designs of Kashmiri embroideries and Pasminas has been displayed. The platform was given to the Kashmiri’s craftsmen to showcase their exclusive work of art and embroideries on pasminas and it also helped to bridge better understanding between the two States. Jewelries made of semi precious stones was also displayed. This event is organized to support those highly skilled Kashmiri craftsmen and shawl-makers, whose economic condition defoliated gradually, due to various reasons in their localities and that they find a platform of livelihood in the City of Joy this winter. This event is expected to save many innocent lives in Kashmir from economic distress. We also had an art work and paintings by aspiring young artists for art lovers


The renowned pianist of our country Ms. Rajlakshmi whose name requires no introduction amongst the elite music lovers of this generation has performed along with her extremely talented daughter Arundhati Syam. Ms. Rajlakshmi has performed in various respectable musical concerts in India s well as in abroad for many leading brands, foreign consulates and also other prestigious organizations. As a pianist her nimble fingers and deep understanding of music has helped her become the only female pianist from India to create a “fusion of melodies” with an eclectic mélange of semi classical, pure Indian ragas, global folk tunes and other popular tunes from India and abroad, including old Hindi melodies. She will be performing songs about love nature and inspirations from the various popular hindi classic movies to set the moods for love and romance during this Christmas time.

Like mother like daughter, Arundhati Syam has a God gifted talents in music and arts. She never got so called formal training. She gets inspired from her own compositions to paint.