AMRI Dental introduces dental care services for senior citizens at their doorstep


AMRI Dental, a part of AMRI Group of Hospitals, has introduced dental consultation and treatment at home for senior citizens of Kolkata and its surroundings.

 Dental Care is often a major challenge for the elderly people as their movements are restricted. Because of this, many of them skip regular dental check-ups as making multiple visits to dental clinics is a problem for them. As a result, it leads to unnecessary pain and expenses at the later stage.

 The elderly population is prone to dental diseases like root caries, dental attrition, gum disease, missing teeth because of earlier neglect, ill-fitting dentures, oral ulceration, dry mouth etc. Many of these are the consequences of poor lifestyle or oral practices like consumption of a sugar laden diet, lack of awareness regarding preventive aspects, and habits like smoking and/or tobacco, pan, and betel nut chewing.  Many also suffer in old age from the side effects of any previous disease or injury that was neglected in the early years of life.

 This newly launched dental service by AMRI Dental for senior citizens will address common problems like toothache or inability to chew at old age within the comfort and convenience of home. AMRI dental will also offer the efficient service of a portable unit along with the well-equipped medical team of AMRI Dental as a part of its dental care solutions at home, providing services like regular dental assessment or procedures of scaling, polishing, fillings, extraction, crowns, root canals, dentures, etc.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rupak Barua, CEO, AMRI Hospitals Ltd, said, “AMRI Dental is pleased to introduce dental consultation and treatment at home for senior citizens. AMRI Hospitals has always been the frontrunner in making healthcare more accessible to patients. Through this new service, senior citizens can now take care of their oral health which is an integral part of their overall health. Through this service, they can mitigate the risk factor for general health problems.”

 AMRI Dental is going to provide this service within a radius of 5 kms with prior appointment from all its centres located atSouthern Avenue, Woodstreet, Kankurgachi, Howrah and  at all the units of AMRI Hospitals at Salt Lake, Dhakuria, andMukundapur.