All India Ulama Board express concern over NRC issue

More than 40 lakh people in Assam were left out of the complete draft National Register of Citizens (NRC).  All India Ulama Board recently organised a press meet on the NRC issue. Sk Golam Rabbani, National President (Auqaf) said that the government  should take a humanitarian approach towards the issue of migration. ” It is a question of human rights. It is a humanitarian issue. It is a national issue. We need to look after Indian citizens” he said  urging  the government not to look at the matter through the prism of caste, religion or region.


Sk Golam Rabbani also spoke about exemption of GST & Income Tax from Waqf. He said “We all are well aware that Waqf is a permanent dedication to Almighty ALLAH and all the income made from a Waqf property should be spent for the benefit of Muslim community therefore  paying income tax on the income of Waqf is totally injustice to the Muslim community and on the other hand GST should also be exempted from the income of Waqf because there is no kind of business involved in Waqf properties. Its been developed for the sole benefit of Muslim community for which a Mutawalli ls paying its share of contribution to the Central Government and State Government from the income of Waqf.” He also felt appropriate law should be formed for the protection of Mutawallis because a Mutawalli is the main pillar of Waqf, a Mutawalli protects its Waqf with the help of State Waqf Board.