“ALFA” the BimetalBandsaw Blade made by Swan Aluminiums Pvt. Ltd


From the very begin since 1955 R.K. Malhotra  Group is the leader for manufacturing the Blade in India. The company had started with precious cold rolling mill and laser welding process for development of Bimetal strips the world’s best technology and equipment being used for production of quality products. This is the first successful proven research done in India.

The Company is promoted by R K Malhotra Group, Pioneer in all sorts of cutting edges starts from Razor   blades,   Metal   cutting   saws   and   paper   steel   rules.   Our   core   strength   lies   in   unique   steel development and special types of machine development. Metal band saw is major part of this business.

“In this direction we have collaboration with M/S. The is precision steel, USA and there are multiple progressive   ventures   on   the   way   with   renowned   European   companies   in   this   field.   We   have manufacturing plants in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, Wada- Palghar district and thane, Maharashtra.” said Mr.   R.K.Malhotra  .

Mr. Rajiv Malhotra added,” Empowering the Indian people and with the best infrastructure, we are on the way of creating biggest hub of steel development company in the world. These products will be import substitute   for   India   and   will create   thousands   of job  opportunities   /  entrepreneur  business   in  our country. We have already employed 1200 people in our various factories.”