Age no barrier for 68 year-old K.C. Sreenivasan

Many of  his age would be just relaxing and spending time with their grandchildren but 68 year-old K.C. Sreenivasan has opted to take part in the FEDERATION (National Championships of National Champions in Men & Women) CUP POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018-19.

His passion for fitness started when he was 18 years old when he came across a gym.

Initially he participated in bodybuilding competitions and in the year 2009 he  started participating in  Powerlifting contests.He  has an impressive record.  He has been champion in district, state and national level and  he won seven gold medals in national level competitions..He has recently bagged gold medal in Masters 3 (59 kg) category in the powerlifting championship

He wakes up early in the morning , starts his workout followed by a walk . An avid fitness enthusiast, determined to show that age is no barrier when it comes to achieving the body of your dreams. He speaks against the use of steroids in powerlifting.  He feels one can bulk up and achieve success without using steroids or any other performance-enhancing drugs.

After a long gap of almost 25 Years, the State of West Bengal as well as the city of joy, Kolkata witnessed this competition. Johan Smith. Chairman, International Technical Comrnittee of International Powerlitting Federation, who is a resident of South Africa was the CHIEF GUEST Arjuna Shri P. J. Joseph, Secretary General, Powerlifting India, Shri Ajit Banerjee, President. BOA & Shri Swapan Banerjee, Hony. General Secretary, BOA  graced the occasion as GUEST OF HONOR

K.C. Sreenivasan ‘s achievements are certainly inspiring. Youngsters should emulate him