Aesthetica Asia 2016 :Platform to share thoughts and experiences on aesthetic/cosmetic dermatology


Kolkata: There has been a tremendous change in the scenario of cosmetic dermatology and dermatosurgery during the last one decade.Fresh treatment protocols, newer surgical techniques and advanced lasers have all played a significant role in the modernisation of aesthetics.

Recently, Aesthetica Asia 2016 conference was held in Kolkata where Dermatologists, plastic Surgeons, ENT Surgeons, Dentists and all related to aesthetic/ cosmetic/ dermatology/ medicine, gathered under one roof to share their experience where all of the participants would learn from each other. Thus making the “Aesthetica Asia” Conference theme “together we learn”, a reality.Representations from many countries across Asia participated which gave everyone a chance to learn about the nuances of management of the same problems in the
different countries.

West Bengal Child Development, Women and Health Minister Dr. Shashi Panja. said “It is heartening to note that the association has dedicated itself towards the reseach development and promotion of aesthetic/cosmetic dermatology in Eastern India.” Vice-chancellor of
West Bengal University of Health Sciences, Dr Bhabatosh Biswas felt “All the experts will flock under one roof to share their thoughts and experiences  with each other.”

Prof. R. N. Dutta,Founder President and Chairperson said, ” We focussed on two things.Firstly,learning what is new and taking our knowledge beyond the barriers and in the uncharted territories.Secondly, Educating the younger generation and giving them scope to learn and develop knowledge and skills which has not yet been incorporated in the standard textbook.” Dr Naren Pandey added, “Aesthetica Asia 2016  is organised by Eastern India Cosmetic Dermatology Research Academy, which consists of a group of highly motivated health professionals dedicated towards the research development and promotion of aesthetic/cosmetic dermatology.”

In the world of selfies and social media, teenagers want to look perfect this academic year, as do newly married couples, and young working professionals are-increasingly going under the knife in an attempt to improve their looks.Indians have also become very conscious
about their looks.As ‘looking good’ has become a new-age mantra, a number of youngsters opting for cosmetic surgeries is rising steadily. Today, everyone wants to look good and be in best shape. Where does India stand when compared globally? Dr Apratim Goel, Medical Director of Cutis Skin Studio, Mumbai and also the Executive Secretary of the conferencesaid “Honestly we are not there yet!. Today number one market is the US followed by Korea. China is big time. If you consider the demand, India is  after Japan and Thailand which hold lions share in skin whitening market. There is a lot of demand as lot of people aspire to
look good. In terms of  technology, new products, latest treatments we are far behind. People still lack cosmetic awareness. When people travel travel out of India they get motivated. We still have a long way to go. There are lot of training institutes but unfortunately the trainers there aren’t aware of the latest technology. More and more
people need to take it up as a career. Worst of all there are no government  regulations to stop quacks from practicing. Skin seems to be everyone’s business. ”

Dr Ashim Kumar Sarkar, Orgainising Secretary, highlighted that the need is for Indians to be aware that they should approach the right specialty for right treatment. Every time , self medication under influence of tv /media may not do good, infact may do harm to the skin

.There was a time when cosmetic treatments were associated with celebrities and people of affluent class. The picture, however, now seems to be changing. Today, people from all walks of life are concerned about their appearance. And, this growing apprehension is making people move towards aesthetic beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures especially the non-surgical aesthetic procedures which have no down time.