‘Adopt Spiritual Lifestyle and Values to Combat Climate Change’- Prof. Kaptan Singh Solanki



Gurgaon : “Gita  Gyan is not for mere listening or reading, but for contemplating and cultivating  its universal teachings in daily life, to reap its real benefits of holistic health, harmony , happiness and sustainable development in society”

Prof. Kaptan Singh Solanki, Governor of Punjab, Haryana and UT Chandigarh said this while inaugurating a two-day 15th All India Bhagavad Gita Conference on “Spiritual Wisdom for Re-establishing Satyugi Virtuous Wrld” organized by Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya at its Omshanti Retreat Center, Pataudi Road, here today.

He said that the real religion is India’s ancient Sanatan Dharma which is not confined to ceremonies, rituals and prayers alone, but to adoption of spiritual lifestyle and universal values like vasudhaiva kutumbakam (world as a family), vishwa bandhutwa (universal brotherhood), live and let live.“If we can translate such simple living, high thinking and noble values into practical action as enshrined in Bhagvad Gita and as enunciated by our saints and sages thousands of years back, then we can successfully combat and contain the evils of climate change, pollution, poverty and terrorism”, Prof. Solanki stressed.

‘In fact, Incorporeal God of Gita descends on earth to re-establish this real religion or Sanatan Dharma of nobility, civility and humanity which differentiate human beings from animals’, he emphasized.He urged the august gathering of hundreds of gentry, mahatmas, sadhus, scholars and intellectuals from all over India on this occasion, to emulate Yudhisthir by inculcating positive qualities and to discard Duryodhan by demolishing negative traits if any, in them.

Centurion Rajyogini Dadi Janki, Chief of Brahma Kumaris in her video message from Mount Abu delivered the Bhagvad Gita message of connecting one’s inner self with the Supreme Being in Rajyoga meditation for sublimating human vices and for developing divine virtues in life so as to supplement God’s work of re-establishing Satyugi virtuous world.Justice V Eshwaraiah, Chairman, National Commission for Backward Classes said that even if named and prayed differently in different religions, God is one incorporeal sentient being who is spiritual father of all souls and who does not have any father or mother unlike human beings or divine deities.Swami Adhyatmanand Maharaj from Ahmedabad as Guest of Honor said that even though Bhagavad Gita has been variedly interpreted by various authors, its quintessence has remained the same Manmana bhav & Madhyaji bhav which mean to stabilize one’s mind and intellect with the Supreme Soul to elevate one’s life from mundane to divine sphere.He said that Brahma kumaris are practically implementing the teachings of Gita which aim at restoring truth, peace, love, harmony and happiness in life and society.Swami Dr Muktanand Puri from Alwar said that every human soul is potentially divine and God of Gita is incorporeal Supreme Soul who is divine light and might.He urged all to follow the universal message of Gita for re-establishment of Sanatan Dharma  in one’s life and in the world.

Swami Dr Jeevan Dev Maharaj of Jyoti Dham, Rishikesh said that since human life is very rare and most valuable, it should be best utilized through service to saints, sages, weaker, vulnerable and the disadvantaged sections of society.Rajyogi B K Brijmohan, Addl. Secretary General of the Brahma Kumaris said that the aim of holding such All India Gita Conferences in a series is to delineate and disseminate true knowledge & information and to create and spread awareness on the real spiritual message and usage of Bhagavad Gita to eliminate vices, evils and negative traits from life and to infuse virtues, values and positive powers into human life and society, so as to become partner in God’s work of building better world, culture and civilization.

Earlier in her welcome address, Rajyogini BK Asha, Director, Brahma Kuamris’ Omshanti Retreat Center highlighted the specialty of Haryana as the land for descent of God Hari to sermonize Gita Gyan in Kurukshetra. She said that this All India Gita Conference in Gurgaon or Guru Gram is to rediscover and recover the true Gita Gyan of Sadguru Incorporeal God and to spread it far and wide to transform today’s hellish world into tomorrow’s heavenly Satyugi kingdom.Gita Scholar from Mount Abu, Rajyogini B K Usha as the Stage Coordinator exhorted all to realize one’s inner self ‘soul’ as a ‘rathi’ in physical body often called ‘rath’ (chariot) in holy communion with incorporeal Supreme Soul God as ‘sathi’(companion) and ‘sarthi’(charioteer).