Abogahan- CD was released by Jayati Chakraborty,Miss Jojo,RJ Raja

TILOTTAMAR GALPO a solo recitation album by Shouvik Bhattacharya, is all about the strain in human relations and ultimately we are all deeply concerned today. ABOGAHAN means to sink deeply. The name of the album suggests one should sink deeply into the relationship today and find the underlying pain in the background where someone waits only for the telephone from his beloved. The album was released on The Aatman Audio  in presence of eminent singers like Jayati Chakraborty, Jojo Mukherjee, ace author like Pracheta Gupta, RJ Raja and other special guests from cultural world at Press Club Kolkata, today.

Shouvik Said, ‘  I had only two artists supporting the album like Rea and Priyanka from the very beginning. I am indebted to both of them for supporting the venture.. Subhajit Paul, the veteran classical artist worked and designed the music of the album from the core of his heart and finally it was mixed and mastered by Arnab Ghosh. I am also lucky to have Maitree Banik Chakroborty who has worked effortlessly for this album. ABOGAHON came into my mind in a flash while I was in my B.Ed College and ultimately it was materialized by Somnath Ghosal ,Chief, The AATMAN AUDIO..I convey my thanks and my heartfelt gratitude towards this person for giving me the opportunity to publish my debut solo audio recitation album”.

Shouvik Bhattacharya an upcoming promising elocutionist released his debut audio cd of solo recitation Abogahan- Tilottamar Galpo on Aatman Audio which features five tracks like Halogen E Lekha Thake, Aji E Prabhate( Nirjharer Swapna Bhanga, Tagore ), Suchetana (  Jibananda Das ), Je Telephone Asar Kotha ( Purnendu Patri) and so on.

Shouvik was born and brought up in an atmosphere of musicality and cultural background. His Late father was his inspiration and mother was a keen lover of music and she was in fact the student of the veteran singer Purabi Mukherjee.His father was culturally enriched and helped in several ways to achieve this goal. He started his education in an English Medium School and while he was in Class VIII the journey began with a background voice over in Rabindranath Tagore’s play Sasti. It was from then he started recitation and it continued. He completed his Graduation with Hons. in English from Krishnagar Government College and completed Master Degree from Ramkrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur. He was awarded several times at Narendrapur for his cultural engagements. In fact this album is though based totally on his concept, direction and arrangement yet he believes this is a team work.