A treat for Kolkata cinephiles at CWIFF

The  first screening event of the Crown Wood International Film Festival was a celebration of the richest form of art. Kolkata’s cinephiles got an opportunity to watch an array of exciting and diverse films .

Inaugurating the festival the organiser expressed happiness over hosting the first edition of the international film festival as it will provide opportunity for people from all walks of life to watch films from various countries.

CWIFF received more than 70 submissions in 44 categories from all over the world in their first session. CWIFF honourable Jury members selected the winners in 44 categories and best six projects were screened on that day.  The screening event started with rendering respect to the martyrs died in Kashmir following with a small inaugural session by CWIFF team. The screening started with , Konark Sarangi’ music video titled ‘Hausla Na Ruthe: The Stories Untold’  based on the true story of a few bravehearts led by Charu Maa whose ‘never say die’ attitude led to the reforestation of an entire forest cover destroyed by 1999 Odisha Super Cyclone. It was followed by Writer and director Mark Brocking’s The Double Cross, which is a silent black and white comedy. Science fiction-thriller called “Occupants”, a sci-fi horror feature film dealing with parallel universes by Russ Emanuel received appreciation from the audience.  Mayank Bokolia’s  Let’s Share The Moon is a film beautifully shot in Varanasi.The narrative of the story is through the eyes of an artist where two boys (Jeetu and Firoz) belonging to different religions, caste and sections hold
their friendship over and above everything else. The Drone Master by Sebastien Duhem was an interesting film. The screening ended with  Steppe Man  which was included in the list of candidates of the OSCAR-2014.  It follows a young man who is forced to reconsider his life in the country after the death of his father, and after the arrival of a girl who grew up in a larger village.

“We are overwhelmed with the reaction of the film-lovers and it gives us a positive energy to perform better in future”- says Puja Chakraborty, chairperson of CWIFF. Their second session of submission has already been started.