52 Kolkata-based Brands Feature among India’s Top 1000 Most Trusted Brands



The most comprehensive study on Brand Trust in the country—The Brand Trust Report—has been released for 2017 by TRA Research (a Comniscient Group company). Kolkata-based brands have made a strong case this year, with ITC coming in at rank 58, IFB Appliances at rank 80, and Exide at rank 92 (topping the Auto – Batteries category). This year, Sunfeast Yippee Noodles, at rank 206; Joy Cosmetics, at rank 526; Spencer, at rank 694; and Amul Macho, at rank 695, are the surprise entries in the listings. 52 brands from Kolkata made it to the top 1000 Trusted list, increasing from 41 last year.

In the top 10 list of India, Samsung has been ranked as India’s Most Trusted Brand of 2017, climbing 17 ranks from 2016. Sony and LG, both retaining their 2016 rankings, are at second and third ranks respectively. Apple ranks as India’s fourth Most Trusted Brand and, rising 12 ranks from 2016, makes it to the top 5 for the first time in seven years. Holding on to its rank of last year, brand Tata’s trust defies the Chairmanship battle it faced and maintains its fifth place. The sixth position is held by the automobile giant Honda; Maruti-Suzuki follows, taking the seventh spot. Dell is at eighth and Lenovo, climbing 18 ranks from 2016, features in the ninth position in the list. Bajaj, a brand that has been within the top 10 in five out of the seven reports, comes in at the tenth position in the India’s Most Trusted Brands list.

N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research, said on the occasion of the Report’s launch, “Bengal’s very own sweet products brand, KC Das—at rank 828—has made a surprise entry into the list this year. Another remarkable trend noticed in the last 7 years is the brand visibility of the Hosiery Innerwear Industry players, which is dominant from the East of the country. Rupa, ranked 415; Lux Cozi, ranked 567; Dollar, ranked 613; and Amul Macho, ranked 695, have made it to the top 1000 listings. Brands from the East have been seen to be doing consistently well in the country.”

Some other notable city-based brands that have been featured in the All India listings are Aashirwaad (rank 118), Boroplus (rank 182), Khadim (rank 299), Emami (rank 366), Wildstone (rank 407), Bisk Farm (rank 499), Senco Gold Jewellers (rank 606), Kutchina (rank 666), La Opala (rank 876), and Ganesh Atta (rank 997).