“AAP KI DUKAN”- VEDROOP’s new initiative for unparalleled shopping experience



VEDROOP has recently launched a chain of departmental stores “AAP KI DUKAN” at Purbachal Main Road on Jadavpore EM Connector. The company is planning 150 “AAP KI DUKAN” outlets in West Bengal in the next 2 years and has been established with the aspiration to grow and become one of the largest marketplaces not restricting to the state border but going pan India, offering an assortment of millions of products across diverse categories covering Grocery and Health & Beauty, and Accessories, Gifts & Toys etc. And all this from local, as well as regional, national and international brands for an unparalleled shopping experience for everyone.

At present VEDROOP has 210 retailers along with 50 Spiritual retailers and 30 stockists and a company strength of 62.

The company has a target to employ 5000 trained staff and other 5000 business vendors in form of retailers, spiritual retailers, stockists, Distributors. The company shall offer the opportunity for salaried employment with a choice of area, position and salary slab as per qualification criteria. The incentive on achieving targets shall be high. Business Vendors shall have opportunity to choose their area, investment slab and Vedroop shall provide excellent support towards building their business in their area.

VEDROOP is a brand established in the year 2012. The Principal philosophy of the Company is driven by the Vedic ideas and practice and revelations by Sages after intense meditation and documented in Vedic scriptures and texts.

The vision of the Ayurvedacharya, Yoga Guru and Spiritual Masters contributed to the formulation of the Company’s products through extensive R&D programming.

Such formulation and development forms the essence of the Company’s founding policy and is a culmination of the following 2 categories:-


·         Mother Nature: – Anything that is naturally pure and has its roots in the Ayurveda and includes Herbs & Organic.


·         Vedic Spirituality: Spiritual inference derived from Vedic Astrology and inspired by Vedanga Jyotisha, one of the earliest texts about astronomy with the Vedas.

VEDROOP is working on to develop products that would create a balance between the wisdom offered in the Vedic. Philosophy and the modern day outlooks keeping in mind an individual’s escalating time and monetary constraints in present day’s   perspective.

VEDROOP shall fulfil one’s life with Beauty, Health, and Wealth & Tranquillity. These are the four basic “Sutras” that give meaning to our life and your existence.