Parikrama :Rock for the ages

pic courtesy: S.K.Photography


Parikrama,the oldest rock band of the nation began with just two things–low publicity and oodles of confidence in their music, has survived the test of times. And while the latter is going steady, the former has grown manifold. The band Parikrama needs no introduction. Almost every music lover in India is in love with this band, the effects of which can be seen scattered all over social media and at their live shows.

Founding members, Sonam Sherpa (lead guitarist) and Subir Malik (key boardist) had their moments of glory as well. “These solo moments aren’t exactly panned decisions,” explains Malik, “We have been performing for 26 years; so we keep in mind the number of things that can go wrong and how to cover them, like, maybe, who picks things up if someone’s guitar disconnects.”

The band, which also includes founding member and lead singer Kabir Malik, drummer Srijan Mahajan, percussionist Shambu Nath and guitarists Saurabh Chaudhary and Gaurav Balani, was formed in 1991 and is still going strong without having released a single album. “Out of the thousands of rock band that were started in front of us, hardly a couple are still around today, and they do about two or three gigs a year. Today, all the bands have shifted to Hindi or Bollywood, especially up North and in the West, though I don’t think there’s much of that in the South. That community of English rock is getting diminished. But we’ll be there; we’ll probably be the last torch bearers around,” Malik says with a wry smile.