Uber partners with bars and restaurants in Kolkata to discourage drunk driving


The park team at the launch of the kiosks

Uber, the ridesharing app that has transformed urban mobility for millions of commuters across the globe, has announced the launch of UberBADD (Bars Against Drunk Driving) in Kolkata, in partnership with the most famous bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the city to tackle the issue of drunk driving. An initiative encouraged by the Kolkata Police, UberBADD is an endeavour to raise awareness about responsible drinking and the importance of increasing access to reliable and affordable transport late at night in the city.


The partnership will have Uber kiosks setup across top bars, nightclubs and restaurants to facilitate assisted bookings of Uber rides to discourage driving after consumption of alcohol beyond permissible limits.UberBADD is being launched in Kolkata after successful implementation of Uber’s anti-driving under influence programme in Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh.


At the launch of UberBADD in Kolkata, Mr. Pradeep Parameswaran, Head-Central Operations, Uber India said, “We are happy to receive the encouragement and support from Kolkata Police and look forward to provide solutions to help reduce drunk driving incidents in the city. There is a growing need to raise awareness against drunk driving and we will continue to work across cities to provide alternativemobility options like Uber. We are also pleased to partner with Kolkata’s top bars and restaurants to help Kolkatans make smarter and safer decisions when drinking on a night out.”


The list of bars that have taken a pledge to be uberBADD (Bars Against Drunk Driving) are The Grid, Myx, The Astor Hotel, The Park Hotel, Monkey Bar and Shisha-Bar Stock Exchange.