Message of inner peace


The first Yogdhara tour was organized in India from Jan 7th to Feb 27th 2016 in which a team of 30 Yogis from 10 countries participated. The team travelled across 9 states and 35 cities of India and performed 46 concerts sharing their art and message of inner peace with more then 100 000 Indians.  This year a team of 25 yuvashakti and yogis coming from Ukraine, Russia, Austria, China, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Romania, UK, Lithuania, Macao, and Singapore are travelling  through North and North East States of India from 27th January to 21st February 2017.

Sahaja Yoga is a non-profit organisation committed for teaching and sharing the benefits of meditation. Established by Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970, practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation enables individuals to easily awaken the inner energy and it would reduce the inner problems of human-beings.

Swapnil Dhayade, who has been following Sahaja Yoga for more than 20 years who was present here in Kolkata with the participants   said,”Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi not only taught YOG (Sahajayoga Meditation) to the world but SHE promoted Indian Music, Indian Culture , Indian Family Values to the world. And we can see the results .”

One of the participants added, “Shri Mataji gives us the powers, shows us the way of doing things and then leaves us free to act by ourselves. It is time for us to be strong to grow to face reality and learn how to fly with all the joy in our Hearts through the unlimited Love flowing from Her Holiness Shri Mataji”