A rare surgery


A rarest of rare surgeries was performed at Medica Hospital recently when Joint Director & Senior GI Surgeon Dr Suddhasattwa Sen successfully operated on a 67-year-old man to remove an extraordinarily large neck tumour, the largest such in the world in its category (as per nternet search).

Mr Hakim Rawani, a resident of Madhupur village, Deogarh, Jharkhand, had developed a small swelling on his neck 10 years back, which he had initially left untreated. However, over the past 6 months the tumour started growing and ballooned into an abnormal size. Post local consultation, the patient was referred to Medica by the Jharkhand Government. By the time he came to Medica the tumour on his neck had grown to the size of 28.5cmx28.3 cm. This huge tumour occupied the patient’s neck, anterior chest wall and extended up to the abdominal wall. Investigations, including MRI, showed a well-defined lobulated mass of soft tissue.

On 24th December 2016, Dr. Suddhasattwa Sen performed the surgery under General Anaesthesia. The massive tumour was successfully removed without any damage to all the major vessels, nerves and organs and reconstruction was done. The entire procedure took about 2 hours 30 mins (the excision being 30 minutes) with almost no loss of blood. The tumour weighed around 4. 5 kg (58cm x 15cm dimension on opening up).

Post surgery the patient recovered well without any complications and was back on his feet soon. Speaking about the rare surgery, Dr Sen elaborated upon the risks involved in such operations and described in detail the methodology followed to ensure the best possible result. For a visibly healthier and fitter looking Mr Rawani, the surgery was a big relief as he had been living with a ‘burden on my back’ for quite some time and was happy to be back to his normal self.