25th Anniversary celebration of Dakshini Prayash

Our complex lives are often soothed through simple soulful words, wisdom, music or initiatives. India is a rich reservoir of lessons in humanism and love through the teachings and verses of our saints and poets. Of the many known names Kabir stands tall simply because his simple wisdom was meant for one and all irrespective of religion or caste that spoke of truth, realism and living in harmony. His thoughts often reflected the view that to make things happen a rightful thought or intent has to be planted and nurtured till it blossoms into a beautiful life. Such was the case of Dakshini Prayash-a social enterprise started by a woman wandering in the villages of Madurdaha. On being asked if she could teach the children of the area, a desire and intent was planted and she took a step forward to put that desire into action. Soon a small group of likeminded people joined in her mission and gave a proper form to her efforts. And Dakshini Prayash was born.

From just four students studying under a tree, slowly this unique effort grew and the education wing of Dakshini Prayash , Madurdaha Satyavritti Vidyalaya (MSV) was established. Today 25 years later it has more than 400 students .Apart from building and preparing young minds for a better future, the social project also supports a elder care program “Vishva Asha” and encourages gifting a plant to also raise environmental awareness and plant the desire to spread the practice of contributing to our green covers.The three pillars that Dakshini Prayash stands upon are holistic education, health and self reliance. 272 health camps have been conducted over the years impacting over 1000 families in Madurdaha and the neighbouring villages.  Eventually the aim is to build a Society where every member empathizes with each other irrespective of caste or social stature.

“When I joined Mrs. Mukherjee who started this beautiful journey, I thought I will try and provide for these children with as much affection and care as I would my own. And today 25 years later that tree has turned into a blossoming orchard. It wouldn’t have been possible unless I had a wonderful team and it’s an ongoing journey still, which is the theme of our show “Satat Pravah”’, stated Mrs. Anubhuti Prakash.” “Apart from providing free education with meals, we also have provision for tuition, vocational activities like embroidery, cutting and paper bag making for the older students or their relatives, so as to give them a sense of self reliance. With a range of over 200 products in the self reliance department, Dakshini Prayash sold over 21000 products last year alone. The products made by them are marketed by us and we are thankful to our well wishers for their support”, she added.Around 80 children , teachers of the school participated in dance, skits and group acts.

“Satat Pravah” was joined by the five year old music band Neeraj Arya’sKabir Café which has been making quite a mark all over the country and overseas and is the top three among the sufi fusion genre. The group of music lovers hailing from diverse backgrounds got together with their common love for the philosophy of Kabir.  Their music is a mixture of folk, contemporary, rock, reggae, pop and carnatic music. “Dakshin Pravash needs to be commended for their selfless education , healthcare endeavour and community service . We believe this is  an age of interdependence and not independence and we support such holistic and honest initiatives that includes  all communities”, stated Neeraj Arya, lead band member.

The occasion was also graced by Chess Grandmaster Dibyendu Barua and popular TV anchor and actress Rachana Banerjee who extended their support to Dakshini Prayash. A book detailing the 25 years of the journey of Dakshini Prayash was released in the presence Italian Consul-general Damiano Francovigh  among others.