Art reaches across borders and connects the world


Art, in all its forms, is the universal language. It is the great equalizer and thinking agent. Art reaches across borders and connects the world.  Great Art stirs the imagination, causing us to pause, think and reflect.  Art allows our minds to escape into childlike wonder. Paintings are windows to the imagination.


Recently, The Stadel in association with Dimension 4 (a non profit artists’ organisation in Kolkata) presented the 7th International Art Meet under the aegis of ‘The Stadel Art Initiative’. Sixteen artists from countries as diverse as Austria, Finland, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania & Taiwan attended. Well known Israeli artist, Pamela Silver said, “Color is the heart of art and creativity. Painting brings joy of life freedom and happiness .I want to bring joy and peace to the world.” Pamela grew up in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and her work draws extensively on her childhood memories of the wide open African vistas with their special hues, the glorious sunsets, and her interactions with the different cultures rooted in the local landscapes. She has been living in Motza Ilit in the Judean Hills for the past 40 years close to nature, the source of her joy and inspiration.

Christine Cézanne-thauss who was from Austria felt,  “Painting is to express myself, art is a special way of communication – the painting progress is like meditation, but having finished a picture i always hope it might touch other people – art is pure joy for me!”. Her favourite theme is the human being, especially women. She is engaging herself in women-abuse and trafficking in women and wants to show women and their role in our society. Fairy tales and myths also fascinate her.

Ilona Žvinakiene from Lithunia said, “My creation is close to impressionism. Inspirations to my creations are nature. I intend to search new forms of expression and take part in exhibitions.”

The International Art Meet (IAM) residency programme for artists helps to build and strengthen the local artistic community. The workshops in the past have nurtured a renewed appreciation for the “traditional arts” of India, while fostering an understanding of the “contemporary”. Anil Bhutoria, M.D., The Stadel said “We believe that art reveals what our eyes cannot see and in the course of history we have experienced it as a means of social change that has established itself as a great influence. We discover more about the Universe through art. The fundamental idea of the Art Initiative by The Stadel is to promote Art and Artisans. The 7th International Art Meet & workshop of International artists shall give exposure to the local artists, art lovers and art collectors in the cultural capital Kolkata on a 360̊ platform. It will also act as a conduit for exchange of cultures as well as explore new ideas. We have been organising Art Events at The Stadel since 2009 and through these Art Events it is our small and modest effort at giving back to the City of Joy. Celebrate this festive season with riot of colours on Canvas.”

“This will give an opportunity for exchange of ideas and expertise among artists and enlarge their understanding of Indian culture. “signed off Tinku Das of Dimension 4.