Cancer is usually asymptomatic at the early stages.



Like previous years, Bengal Oncology Foundation  arranged their annual Unique Awareness Program on Cancer with survivors Meet at Birla Sabhaghar. This unique program consisted of:

Panel discussion  on the topic ‘CAN HEALTHY PEOPLE BE AFFECTED BY CANCER? aiming to increase the level of cancer awareness in Bengal. It is well established that more than half of the cancers are diagnosed at the late stages and the survival is poor. Cancer is usually asymptomatic at the early stages. Thus screenings of normal healthy individuals are necessary to detect cancer at the curable stage. The issues discussed included:

    • Individuals who are at HIGH RISK for cancer.
    • Common WARNING signs of cancer.
    • Routine annual tests recommended for men and women.
    • Are genetic tests necessary to determine the risk of cancer in healthy persons.
    • Prophylactic tests may be costly but are these mandatory.
    • Is organ removal in high risk cases a solution.
    • Exploitation by corporate possible if common public get routine tests done regularly.
    • Everybody fears cancer but will people agree to bear the cost without any apparent illness

The audience consisted of about 500 cancer survivors and their families. The panelists  included DR. Pradip Mitra, DR. Subir Ganguly, Ms. Agnimitra Paul, Satyajit chatterjee, Secretary Mohon Bagan Athletic Club and Ms. Rukmini Maitra , Actress & model. The discussion was moderated by Mr. Badsha Maitra and DR. Gautam Mukhopadhyay. The discussion was less on technical aspects, more on social awareness.

The programme concluded with a dance drama ‘Dhrubajyoti Tumi Jishu’ by Smt. Alakananda Ray and troupe which symbolises peace………….the life and re- incarnation of Jesus Christ.