Captain Morgan Rum


Nitesh Chhapru Head Marketing Premium & Luxury Brands United Spirits.

Ahoy! Raise your glasses and prepare a grand toast to a new adventure as Captain Morgan has set sail in India yet again! One of the world’s greatest rum brands, Captain Morgan brings a new treasure to the shores of India in a special blend of the original dark rum, which has a unique rich taste from the Caribbean Islands.Captain Morgan Original Rum embodies a warm amber-brown colour with attractive sweet notes. The blend combines a flavour of estery hints with notes of chocolate and vanilla and has a light caramel finish. The distinct flavour of the rum creates an intense experience that is unique for the Indian palate, therefore, making it truly ‘ORIGINAL’. The Captain Morgan brand globally stands for adventure and fun and is now bringing that spirit to India.

For over 50 years, Captain Morgan has attracted rum lovers everywhere with its incredible flavours and now has embarked on a voyage to India to create a one of a kind rum experience. The launch saw the global icon Captain Morgan himself in the city of Kolkata where he showed that rum has a new Captain.“Henry Morgan is historically recognized as one of the most successful buccaneers of the 17th Century who embraced new opportunities and unchartered waters. He was an epitome of adventure and fun and symbolizes the true spirit of the Caribbean,” said Nitesh Chhapru, VP – Marketing, Premium and Luxury brands for United Spirits.

“We are very happy to bring this same spirit to India with Captain Morgan Original Rum. We believe that the brand will not only offer a superior dark rum experience but also help kickstart fun & spontaneity amongst the rum aficionados in the country.”


Diageo recommends Captain Morgan Original Rum to be drunk on the rocks, paired with cola of lemon-lime soda, or as the base spirit in Caribbean-inspired cocktails.Captain Morgan Original Rum is available in West Bengal at Rs. 120 for 180 ml, Rs. 240 for 375 ml and Rs. 400 for 750 ml.As consumers across the West Bengal enjoy the Original Rum, Captain Morgan reminds you to raise your glass – always in moderation!