DERMACON2017 to highlight latest developments on the treatment of skin diseases



INDIAN ASSOCIATION of DERMATOLOGISTS, VENEREOLOGISTS & LEPROLOGISTS (LADVL), West Bengal chapter is honoured to organize the 45th Annual Conference of LADVL, well known as DERMACON 2017 to be held from 12th -15th January, 2017 at Science City where more than 7000 delegates are expected to attend the conference.

DR. Sudip Das, Head of The Department of Dermatology, Medical College and Organizing Secretary of DERMACON2017 has said that LADVL has established in the present form in 28th January 1973 and now it is the largest platform of Indian dermatologists. After 14 years, DERMACON is being organized in Kolkata and DR. Das has said ‘it is our challenge to deliver the best Bengal culture, hospitality and an unforgettable experience to these huge numbers of delegates along with about 400 foreign scientists and legendary faculties. It is also kindly may be seen that it is the first time when an anthem will be released on a National medical and scientific conference.  This have been sung by Shri Rupan kar Bagchi,  the renowned Presidential awarded singer and the lyrics has been written by DR. Anil Abhram.

DR. Sandipan Dhar, Professor Institute of Child Health Kolkata and the Scientific Chair Person of DERMACON2017 has said about the dermatological problems of child hood and its prospect at the coming DERMACON. He has said that Paediatric Dermatology has a huge growth in over last one decade and it is put in the curriculum as Subspecialties in Developed countries as well as India too. A lot of stigma is associated to the Psoriasis, Eczema and some other chronic skin diseases and a reasonable part of the patients of these diseases are our children.  In coming DERMACON, the international researchers of USA, UK and Germany along with our Indian Experts will discuss on the latest development on the treatment of these diseases. Vetiligo and so called leuco-derma are also immense medical problems in all ages of the people in India. The Conference will also enlighten to the various modern treatment of these diseases.

DR. Asoke Ghosal, the senior renowned Dermatologist and Organizing Chair Person has been informed that the use of laser and necessity of laser therapy has been increased day by day in the field of Dermatology. In this national conference the laser experts coming from over the world will discuss on Rejuvenation and the other uses of laser therapy and Intense Pulse light (IPL) therapies at reasonable cost and their latest art of technique.

From DR. Koushik Lahiri, it has been informed that Abuse of topical steroids has increased alarmingly and an increasing number of cases of Topical Steroid Damaged Face (TSDF) is being confronted by our member dermatologists all across our country. To stop this burning problem and for mass awareness, a number of programs will be taken in DERMACON 2017. These are as follows:


  • A steroid  awareness run on 14th January involving the celebrities of the city
  • A dedicated session on the menace of Topical steroid abuse, being chaired by the Drug Controller General of India.
  • A huge Signature board with the pledge of a crusade against this nuisance during conference, thousands of dermatologists from all over India  will sign on it.
  • None of the medical companies will be allowed to display the names of any product with any unethical and unscientific combination of steroid in it.


DR. Satyendranath Choudhury, Associated Professor Medical College has been demanded more attention to the leprosy patients. He has said mass awareness is necessary on leprosy. Even today new people become leprosy patients. In DERMACON These are also discussed by the dermatologists.